A Place for Everything


…and everything in its place.

This is a really simple and helpful concept to use in organizing. If I always put my keys in different spots when I get home, then I have a long list of possible places they could be when I’m trying to find them. But if I assign a particular place for my keys and make a habit of putting them there, they’re much less likely to be missing when I need to head out the door.

This concept is also helpful when I’m cleaning, because it takes me less time to clean an area if I automatically know where items go, and don’t have to think about where to put something.

I’ve started trying to do this with my purse. I’m amazed at how easy it is to have trouble finding something in a relatively small space! That’s why I like purses with a lot of pockets, because I can assign certain things to each one.

And hey, if I was ever in the audience on the game show Let’s Make A Deal, and they offered a prize to the person who could retrieve a certain item from their purse the fastest, I’d greatly increase my chances!

4 thoughts on “A Place for Everything

  1. Hi Mel,
    As you know I am one of your biggest fans. I finally got my act together at work today and sent your Blog information to my home email address so that I could open the blog. As the old saying goes “gods answers in mysterious ways” or something close that. Today was a very stressful day at work. I opened your blog and read it a least 5 times. It really helped calm me down. I just love you as a person, love you as the spiritual soul that you are. I could feel you reaching out and giving me the Mel hug tonight. Thank you for starting this blog. You are such a wonderful writer. Now,I need to organize, try the smoothie and get moving. Hugs… Ginny

  2. If I did not know with certainty that you are my grandchld, this would convince me, there is so much to be gained from being organized all the time. Love that it then becomes second nature to do things that make sense.

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