Drink your veggies!

I am a big fan of smoothies. Just hearing the word makes my mouth water. Recently I’ve been trying various combinations of ingredients in order to incorporate more vegetables, while still making something that tastes good! I remember one time I tried making a smoothie with carrots, celery and some other things. If I’d had a juicer, it might have turned out okay. But just using a blender with those things did not work. I couldn’t get myself to swallow it – the consistency was awful.

I’ve learned some helpful tips since then, and continue to experiment. I wanted to share a very simple recipe, one I think you’ll like even if you aren’t used to a ‘green’ smoothie:

6 oz orange juice
1 cup frozen mango chunks
2 cups fresh spinach

I use Simply Orange juice or something similar.

Assisted by my favorite little helper in the kitchen!

Mangoes are cheap right now, so I buy several at a time and cut them into bite-sized chunks. I Googled how to properly cut a mango which was very helpful! I put it in a freezer bag, trying to keep the chunks as separated as possible to freeze.









Spinach is a great leafy green to use because it doesn’t have a strong flavor and is less fibrous than some others, which will help with the consistency.

So, just three ingredients!



Then I blend, I pour, I taste, and I smile…here’s to drinking our veggies!

Does anyone have any smoothie recipes they want to share, with or without vegetables?


4 thoughts on “Drink your veggies!

  1. One way to freeze fruits (or veggies too) is to place the pieces on a sheet tray in the freezer for a short time to begin the freezing process, then when you place them in the food storage bags they don’t stick together.

  2. Okay, you got me wanting to try this really bad and I’ve never liked the idea of mixing my veggies with my fruit in smoothies. :0)

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