Hello from soggy Colorado!

As I’m sure you know firsthand or have heard, we’ve had some unusual weather here, which has resulted in major flooding around these parts. Thankfully, Fort Collins has not been affected too much, but several places that I love, like Estes Park, are going to take a while to recover. So sad…

We’ve been fighting colds at our house, but are on the mend. Before I started feeling sick, I had a fun day of experimenting with making several new things. I’m someone who likes to get things right on the first try. But, of course, that often doesn’t happen. And with cooking, I definitely learn as I go.

A friend from church kindly offered to loan us her dehydrator. That’s something I’ve never used and have wanted to try. I used one tray to make a fruit roll with mango and applesauce, and one tray to make something like sun-dried tomatoes. The fruit roll cracked quite a bit for some reason, but tasted really good. The tomatoes tasted okay, but have definite room for improvement. I learned that I should cut them thicker and that you can brush them with olive oil and seasoning beforehand, so I’ll try that next time.

I’ve also wanted to make crepes for a long time. I found a recipe for a slightly different version that uses coconut flour and has more protein. I made one with a berry sauce and whipped cream. And I made one with asparagus, tomatoes, gouda, turkey and honey mustard. Due to the higher egg content, it turned out more like a really thin omelet. It was pretty good, but not exactly like a crepe. I found a different recipe that I hope will turn out more like a traditional crepe, so we’ll see!

My third experiment was making a dessert with no refined flour or sugar. I love chocolate chip cookie bars, so I was excited to find a recipe for a healthy version. It uses almond meal flour, honey and coconut oil instead of the traditional ingredients. The consistency isn’t quite the same as a regular recipe, but it’s pretty good! It’s more like a breakfast granola bar, but I do like the taste.

I hope to keep experimenting with these things and post on my next attempts!

3 thoughts on “Hello from soggy Colorado!

  1. Hi Mel –
    I have a great recipe for crepes – Paleo Almond Flour Crepes – that we just love. I just made it for lunch today. Let me know if you want to try it and I can bring you the recipe this weekend. Hope that you start feeling better soon!

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