Football Fan(atic)

Growing up, football was never something I cared about. We usually watched the Super Bowl, but not much else, and I knew next to nothing about the game. Over the past few years, as I began to understand it more, I grew to love football. I mean love it! This girl listens to football talk on sports radio, pays attention to the NFL draft, and loves watching ESPN to see what’s going on in the football world. I can’t get enough! A few months ago I played flag football for the first time. So fun! There is something so exciting about trying to run a play to get past the other team and score. My football playing skills are at the beginner level, but when it comes to being a fan, I like to think I’m quite advanced. 🙂

I’ve gone to several Broncos games, including the most recent conference championship game when the Broncos beat the New England Patriots to go to the Super Bowl. It was really fun. From the gorgeous weather to the beautiful stadium with the Rocky Mountains in the background. From sitting in my favorite section to the sea of fans dressed in orange. From the anxiety of watching the Patriots score points to the elation of watching Peyton Manning throw a touchdown pass. From the euphoria of celebrating the win with 75,000 fans in the stadium to celebrating with more people after the game, horns honking and strangers high-fiving. It was a great day.

fans in orangebroncos drivetouchdown

There are a lot of things in my life more important than football. But I like to make time for things that are just pure fun. Things that bring a childlike delight to my heart and a smile to my face. The ability to enjoy life and have fun is a blessing from God – a gift I don’t intend to squander! And for me, being a football fan(atic) is one of my favorite ways to do this. Don’t forget to make time for the things that you find fun!

1 thought on “Football Fan(atic)

  1. What I find fun is enjoying my amazing grand-daughter with the wonderful laugh that just makes my heart happy. Love you so much, my little joyful oyster…..

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