Life Without Lids

It makes sense that using bins and baskets will really help with staying organized. But if you use lids, they could be getting in the way. In my closet, I have several clear plastic bins to keep my stuff organized. I have small ones for small things and big ones for, you guessed it, big things. And I have baskets throughout my room for various things. And none of them have lids on them! It seems like such a small thing. Who doesn’t have time to take a lid off a bin before putting something in it, right? But I have found that if I can’t just toss something into one of my bins, that thing doesn’t find its way back to its home as quickly.

Now, for certain areas of the house and certain items, lids are necessary for sure. But if there are bins you’re going to be in and out of a lot, it’s so helpful if they don’t have lids on them. Under my bathroom sink, I use several bins, all without lids, and it’s so easy when cleaning up to just toss stuff in their assigned bins.

Feeling really adventurous? Consider removing doors from closets. It’s so much easier to stay organized when we remove as many steps as possible, and having to constantly slide or open closet doors can make it less likely we’ll put stuff away properly. And more likely we’ll just use the doors to hide the mess – not what we’re after :).

I make sure to hang onto all the lids for moving and what not, but they stay off the bins until then. Leaving lids off really helps me keep things more organized, which in turn means having less stress and more time. Who doesn’t want that? Go ahead, take off those lids and see if you find staying organized to be easier.

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