My Heart is Safe with You

For years I walked in ignorance and in bondage to sin
So empty, desperate to fill the void, looking for a place my heart could rest
Then You saved me and set me free; You satisfied my parched soul
And so, my heart was safe with You.

As time went on, I still struggled in so many areas of my life
Believing there was more, You led me to a group of people who also wanted more
You gave me victory and wisdom and the foundation I’d been lacking
And again, my heart was safe with You.

I prayed and asked You to fill me with Your Spirit
As You showed me things I was letting hinder me, You made me ready to receive
Then, You did exactly what You promised to do
And I found my heart was safe with You.

I’ve fallen in love with Your Word
It humbles, teaches, strengthens and encourages me time and time again
Every promise in it is true, and Your Word always leads me to life more abundant
Teaching me that my heart is safe with You.

Sometimes the light of truth feels so painful
I want to run and hide, and I get weary of being corrected
But every time I let You have Your way, freedom and peace and joy are the result
Showing me my heart is safe with You.

No tear goes unnoticed, no prayer goes unheard
When discouragement or weariness comes, I’ve learned to run straight to Your arms
For not once, not once have You failed to lift my head and give me what I need
To prove my heart is safe with You.

You amaze me, Lord, and You always show Yourself perfectly faithful
And so, even as fear and doubt assail me, I place my heart in Your hands
Confident that if I put my trust in You, I will not be ashamed
Because my heart is safe with You.

1 thought on “My Heart is Safe with You

  1. This speaks to me so clearly of the difference in a heart and a life with Christ in it. Thank you for these beautiful and healing words.

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