Ever feel like this as you try to get everything done you want to in a day?


We so often wish there were more hours in a day and that we could get more accomplished. And since there will never be more actual time in a day, we have to devise ways to fit more into each day. Multi-tasking is a great way to do this. All it takes is some creative thinking.

One way to help gather ideas for multi-tasking is to make a list of everything you need and want to get done. If you have larger goals on which you’re working, break those down into smaller tasks that will move you toward accomplishing that goal. Include the things you never seem to have time for but always hope to get to at some point. You can start with just daily tasks and goals or include weekly, monthly and so forth.

to do

Now, take some time to see if there is anything that could be combined. I’ll give you some examples. One of the things that is important to me is exercise, and one of the ways I exercise is by walking regularly. This provides a great opportunity for multi-tasking. Sometimes I’ll make phone calls that need to be made or use the time to think through a problem. It’s also important to me that I invest in my relationships. So, when I want to make plans with a friend, I’ll often suggest going on a walk together. I will also use the time to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy time with God, two more things that are important to me.

With my job, I spend a decent amount of time alone in the car driving between my shifts. This gives me a great opportunity to work on another goal, which is listening to sermons and teachings to help me gain a strong foundation and grow as a Christian.

Here are some other potential ways to multi-task:

— Clean as you go while you cook
– Invite a friend to try a new hobby with you
– Exercise with your kids – go on walks, run around the yard, bike, play games
– Keep a book handy for times when you have to wait (appointments, etc.)
– Pay bills, check email, make a meal plan for the week while watching a movie
– Utilize shopping centers where you can do many of your errands – buy groceries, fill up gas, wash your car, get a gift for your friend’s birthday and pick up the dry-cleaning

Please share any creative ways you’ve combined tasks to get more done. Here’s to getting the most out of our days!

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