A New Venture!

It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE organizing and helping people get organized. I can’t say where that enjoyment came from exactly. And I’m not sure why I seem to have a knack for it. Organizing is one of the things I never tire of doing and will happily work day and night on. What probably sounds like torture to many sounds like pure joy to me!

For some time, I’ve toyed with the idea of starting an organizing business. I taught a couple community classes about how to get organized, but never took the next step of making it a business. Well, I’ve finally decided to just do it! With lots of excitement – and a little trepidation! – I’m steadily working on getting all the pieces together.

My company is called Organized Is Bliss. The tag line is “Smart Tools for Simple Living.” What am I going to offer? Traditional organizing services require multiple sessions because they work on each area of the home with the client. This is outside the budget of many, so my goal is to provide a more cost-effective and valuable alternative.

I want to provide clients with the tools and vision they need to achieve success without paying an organizer to be there for every step. I want to help my clients change the way they think about their belongings and work through any mental roadblocks – often the most crucial hurdle to overcome. The steps for organizing can be applied to any space, so I want to teach them the process by working on one small area from start to finish. And I want to leave them with an action plan for the rest of their home so they can keep going!

I will offer this in a one-time session. Of course, I’ll happily do more sessions with clients if they want! But with this model, I can offer a unique type of organizing service that is attractive to more people.

My website can be found at organizedisbliss.com so please check it out! I’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions!

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