Casting Out Beams

“Either how canst thou say to thy brother, Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, when thou thyself beholdest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy brother’s eye.” – Luke 6:42

The Lord has recently been showing me areas where I am quick to think harshly about someone else for something that I am guilty of myself. It’s hypocrisy and it’s ugly. If I’m to be of any benefit to others, one of the most important things I must do is examine my own heart and life to see where I have ‘beams’ that need to go – attitudes and actions that are wrong. And praise God that He has the power to change me!

1 thought on “Casting Out Beams

  1. So funny that you posted this today. For some reason, I was very guilty of this today, and really needed to hear this. Thanks Mel, even Grandmothers need to hear good advice once in awhile.

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